Public Health

Judy Nieuwenhuis, MSN, RN Public Health Nurse

Judy Nieuwenhuis, MSN, RN
Nurse Administrator

Erin Smith, RN
Public Health Nurse

Cindy Ramirez, Office Manager
O'Brien County Public Health

155 South Hayes, P.O. Box 525
Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712-957-0105
Fax: 712-957-0115


Who we are:

O'Brien County Public Health is the local public health department.

What we do:

Public Health works to prevent health problems before they occur.

O'Brien County Public Health Programs:

  • Client need coordination – resource for referral to agencies that can provide level of care needed in the home. Public Health provides health maintenance visits for stable chronic medical conditions. Limited homemaker services are available. Services based upon sliding fee scale.
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Childhood, adult, and travel immunizations
  • Environmental Health
  • Communicable Disease Follow-up
  • School Health Programs
  • Community Health Needs Assessment/Health Improvement Plan (CHNA/HIP)
  • Radon Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Member of Northwest Iowa Family Life Awareness Council (Child Abuse Prevention)


The Mission of O'Brien County Public Health is to protect the health of the public and achieve equity in health status among the residents of the county.


A healthy, gloabally thinking society.


  • To improve health literacy
  • To improve efficiency through technology

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